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Health & Safety

As it gets colder and there are new COVID variants, it is possible that COVID will increase. Combined with other health concerns, such as the flu, RSV, and monkeypox, we want to be proactive at keeping everyone as safe as possible. Each week, we will evaluate where we are at, based on CDC guidelines. If there is a change, we will inform everyone by email, website, and on social media right away. If there is no change, we will not announce it.


At GREEN (where we are now) we remain mask friendly - welcoming folks who wear masks, having them available, and not requiring them


At YELLOW we require masks and move meetings that can be online online (like council meetings)


At RED we go all online.


With the newer CDC guidelines, it takes a lot more to get to yellow, and red means that hospitals are at/beyond capacity. Hopefully we won't get to red, but this way we are prepared so that if there is a change, we can implement it automatically and won't have to make in-the-moment decisions. The Episcopal Diocese has been emailing out where we are at every Wednesday, so that will give us time to make adjustments as needed.


As usual, we encourage all who are sick, have symptoms, or know they have been exposed to stay home, where they can worship with us online.

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