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Health & Safety

In light of ongoing health considerations our primary focus is on maintaining a proactive approach to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Weekly assessments will be conducted in accordance with CDC guidelines, and any updates or changes will be promptly communicated via email, website updates, and social media channels.


Currently, at our current status (referred to as GREEN), we maintain a mask-friendly environment, accommodating those who choose to wear masks without making it mandatory.


In the event that the situation escalates to YELLOW, mask-wearing becomes mandatory, and meetings that can be conducted online will be shifted accordingly. If the situation reaches RED, all activities will transition to an online format.


While our hope is to avoid reaching the RED stage, our proactive approach ensures preparedness for any potential changes. Weekly updates from the Episcopal Diocese will serve as a guide, allowing us the time to make necessary adjustments.


As a consistent reminder, individuals who are unwell, exhibit symptoms, or have been exposed are encouraged to stay home, where they can engage in worship through online platforms.

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