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Salem is a Lutheran church and a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, our national church body. However, our congregation is comprised of many folks who did not grow up Lutheran, so do not feel like you have to be in order to fit in! You can learn more about the ELCA by following this link.  Salem is also a congregation of the Delaware-Maryland Synod, learn more about our local church community here.



Salem’s mission is to “share faith, hope, and God’s love with everyone.” We define this as follows: with Faith in Christ (Hebrews 11:1), joy in worship (Psalms 100:2), and a commitment to service (Luke 17:21), we are called to share faith, hope, and love (1 Corinthians 13:13) with our neighbors (Matthew 22:39). Salem does this in our worship, social activities, fundraising, and in our daily life as disciples of Jesus. Sharing faith, hope, and God’s love is not just a slogan to us; it is how we feel God is calling our congregation to serve our neighborhood, our community, and our city.



Salem believes in Grace.  Grace is the promise of eternal life and the forgiveness of our sins FREELY given by God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. We are made new creatures in this holy promise.  At Salem, we joyfully celebrate the gifts that God has given us, we share in each others' sorrows as broken human beings, and we give thanks to God for this community that allows us to be ourselves and love one another, the world, and God. 

Lutheran Christians believe that the story of God's steadfast love and mercy in Jesus is the heart and center of what the Scriptures have to say. We believe in a living God, who we name Holy Spirit, who calls us to live in love, seek kindness, and stand in solidarity with those on the margins of society.

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In general Salem considers ourself very friendly and welcoming.  In light of that, before the pandemic, we had started an intentional LGBTQIA+ welcoming process of becoming a Reconciling in Christ congregation. 

 When the pandemic began, we put that on hold with the intention to return to it later.  At this point we have decided not to continue with that process.




Deacon Sara Jane Baublitz

Deacon for Outreach

Deacon Sara Jane Baublitz serves part time as the Deacon of Community Outreach and Engagement. She has lived in South Baltimore for nine years since her first call at Lutheran World Relief. Her full time work is as the co-founder of a consulting firm in the international development sector, and in her outside time she also supports community organizations with her grant writing and strategic planning skills. She earned her B.A. from Susquehanna University in International Economics and Spanish and her MA in Public Leadership from United Lutheran Seminary.


Sara Jane lives in the neighborhood with her spouse, Jamie, and her daughter Rosalie, plus one antisocial cat.


If you are interested in co-hosting educational programs or social justice events with Salem or use of Riverside Third Space for events, please e-mail her here.

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Associate for Communication, Outreach, and Adminstration

Email Jaylene at the church office

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Marie Macklin Lacy

Music Director

Marie earned her BA in Voice and Piano at the Peabody Institute of John Hopkins University.

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Keith Ryer


Building Caretaker

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