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Rammang-rammang Town, the Hidden Gem from Sulawesi

Rammang-rammang is a name of vacationer destination that supplying a scenic sight of karst (limestone) hillsides situated in Maros-Pangkep, Salenrang Town, South Sulawesi District, or regarding 40 kilometres north of Makassar City. In Rammang Town, travelers can see karst mountains towering and also overgrown with thick vegetation in the bordering area.

Rammang-rammang is noted as the 3rd largest karst hills in the world after Tsingy in Madagascar and Shilin in China. The size is about 45,000 hectares. UNESCO has actually likewise included the Rammang karst mountains as one of Indonesia World Heritage Sites.

The name of Rammang-rammang is from Pulau Sulawesi the Makassar language and also are taken clouds or fog. It can be seen from the problem of the Rammang-Rammang location which is always foggy, specifically in the early morning or when it rains.

The limestone mountains (karst) which are the main attractions of this location are formed because of the process of liquifying a location of carbonate rock (easily liquified rocks), resulting in a special shape of the planet's surface with the attributes exokarst (above the surface area) as well as indokarst (listed below the surface).

Rammang-Rammang is known to have actually formed a long period of time back, which has to do with 30 million years back. However, for this location, it is estimated that initial humans resolved in this area are around 40 years earlier. Human impacts in the past can still be seen by visitors through handwriting or symbols spread on a few of the hill walls.

Not only limestone hills (karst), Rammang-rammang additionally presents lots of other tourist destinations that are fairly intriguing such as the Telaga Bidadari (Angel Lake), Sedimentary Rock Woodland Park, Palm Cave, Bulu Barakka Cave, Pute River and also Berua Town.

The impact that develops among ordinary people is that the karst area is arid and barren as well as unappealing also. But as a matter of fact, the reality of the charm of the Rammang-rammang can be corresponded with Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and Guilin in China.

To reach Rammang-rammang Town, travelers need to travel for two hrs utilizing car from the facility of Makassar City and tasting Makanan Sulawesi Tenggara. Then, when gotten to Rammang-rammang, visitors can lease a watercraft as well as discover the elegance of Rammang-rammang area by means of Pute River. With this river too, vacationers can visit both existing tourist attraction in Limestone Woodland Parks location, which are the Telaga Bidadari (Angel Lake), Bulu Barakka Cave, Hand Cave, Pasaung Cavern as well as Berua Town.

Another selection to take pleasure in Rammang-rammang is by watercraft to Kampung Berua. For boat rental rates are various and depend on the lots. Boat rental rates vary from IDR300.000 to IDR500.000. Later, after arriving in Kampung Berua, you can do tracking around the sedimentary rock hills. We suggest making use of shoes or hill sandals to make trekking more comfortable. The condition of the paths in between wet as well as slippery fields is certainly a challenge.

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